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Posted On 11/13/2018 By Suzette Datema


East City Art is your best bet for reviews, features, and news about events and exhibits around DC. This blog is premised on the idea that there’s more to UK art than what you can find on the Mall and in NW.

It can be tough to keep up with all the gallery openings, but they manage to do it! East City Art also puts on the Emulsion show and annually publishes a print magazine quarterly.

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About The Author: Suzette Datema
Suzette Datema
I was born and lived in South Africa for most of my life and since I started art classes
I just became more and more passionate about painting. The most important thing for me as an artist is to be able to share my art and enjoy the feeling of the emotions stirred within the viewer from every piece that I create. So I would like to thank all of the visitors to my site and hope you enjoy the art as I much as I enjoy creating it
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